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JOB FILLED - Water Resource Manager

Job Description: 

With approximately 40,000 acres in California, Sun Pacific is the largest grower/shipper of navel oranges in the world, the largest grower/shipper of kiwi in North America, the 2nd largest grower/shipper of mandarins in North America, and the largest grower of table grapes. Our core focus is on farming, providing us with deep expertise in every aspect of growing these crops, including all cultural aspects, pest control, irrigation technologies and  specialized equipment use, all tied together with sophisticated information systems. 

JOB SUMMARY: The Water Resource Manager will be responsible for planning, organizing, managing and  evaluating activities, operations, and related services for water resources; and, work with assigned department  managers to develop, implement, and monitor plans, programs, projects, goals, and objectives on achieving the  mission, strategic plan, and priorities of the Company and its Water Resource Committee. 

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: The Water Resource Manager will directly report to the President of Farming and  also work under the supervision and direction of the Company’s Water Resources Committee. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The following are essential duties and responsibilities. 

  • Develop an understanding of the Company’s water supply assets and goals and act to support, sustain and  enhance its assets and goals through effective communication and coordinated efforts;
  • Analyze and understand various water districts' structure, supplies, rules/regulations, management plans,  operations and issues;
  • Work with the internal and external resources to develop and execute strategies to address, federal, state  and local water supply, delivery and management issues;
  • Develop, coordinate and execute the short-term and long-term water supply, management, and policy  strategies of Company; 
  • Communicate and guide the distribution of key water information to the Company’s Water Resources  Committee;
  • Engage in internal, inter-company and external collaboration and execute independent tasks to drive the Company’s innovative and comprehensive water resource and management strategy;
  • Interact with various departments and all management within Company and further develop relationships  with key staff and policymakers in the broader water and agricultural community with an initial focus on all  counties we farm in, such as but not limited to Kern, Tulare, Fresno, Ventura, and Yuba counties;
  • Conduct research, prepare written summaries and deliver verbal presentations for various department  projects, internal meetings, external meetings and communications;
  • Analyze and develop recommendations on annual water budgets and outlook projections;
  • Conduct and present research and data analysis on water usage, supply availability, conveyance system  limitations and financial management for internal uses, lender communications and acquisition research;
  • Analyze and update the Company’s water asset and use plan;
  • Manage and integrate a wide range of district functions, programs and staff engaged in water resources  and regulatory activities;
  • Oversight of the Company’s long and short term water resources planning;
  • Direct and coordinate implementation of a variety of Company strategic plans, master plans, and projects  relating to current and long-range capital improvements and expansion needs;
  • Participate in the analysis and development of proposed legislation and regulation, and engage in industry  and intergovernmental activities to influence legislative and regulatory change consistent with the  Company’s interests;
  • Represent the Company in dealing with constituent agencies and with other industry, governmental and  professional organizations;
  • Asess water supply for various ranches and potential property acquisitions, including considerations of  supply, policy, regulatory and physical factors;
  • Structure, coordinate and facilitate transfers, exchanges and acquisitions;
  • Understand and explain potential impact of water issues on related areas such as regulations, politics, ranch  operations, crop production and yields and current scientific approaches (Delta science, groundwater  regulation, developing technologies (water quality, remote sensing);
  • Explain in written and verbal communication complex water issues to leadership and policymakers in an  easily digestible manner, tailoring certain messages to drive a desired outcome;
  • Define your role as a trusted water resources advisor on water matters internally and externally by building  and maintaining relationships and serving as a face for the Company;
  • All other tasks, projects, duties and responsibilities, as assigned by the Company and its Water Resource  Committee; and,
  • Communicate strategies, status and plans using GIS software to create figures for reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business adminstration, agriculture, environmental resources, water resources, or  related;
  • 3+ years of experience in heavy data research analysis;
  • Advanced computer skills including the Microsoft Office suite with heavy emphasis in Excel and ARC-GIS; and,
  • Valid driver’s license with insurable driving record. 


  • Ability to prioritize, adapt and multi-task in a fast paced, changing environment;
  • Ability to execute strategies independently and as a part of a larger team;
  • Ability to think critically, analyze information, and challenge assumptions;
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, verbal and written communicate skills; and,
  • Dependable and reliable. 
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