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JOB FILLED - North American Variety Manager - #8215S

Job Description: 

Do you possess a strong passion for shaping the future of an industry through innovation, variety development and commercialization?

Agri business sector is undergoing a transformation. With advancements in technology, breeding, changing consumer tastes, and globalization, the landscape is evolving rapidly. While some may find it overwhelming, others see it as an exhilarating era filled with opportunities. If you belong to the latter group and possess the requisite skills and experience, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

VentureFruit, a T&G Global company and international leader in fruit breeding, new variety development and licensing responsible for the commercial introduction of Envy™ and Jazz™ apples, is seeking a dynamic individual to join our team as the North American Variety Manager. If you thrive on the evolving landscape of agriculture, where technology, breeding, and changing consumer preferences present exciting opportunities, then this could be an excellent career move for you!

As the North American Variety Manager, you'll have the opportunity to work with stakeholders locally and globally to develop and commercialize apple and pear varieties from VentureFruit's portfolio, while also supporting existing commercial varieties in production. Responsibilities include building strategic relationships within the North American tree fruit industry, protecting intellectual property rights, and promoting the VentureFruit brand through new creation of new relationships. You'll also design and manage field trials, evaluate performance data, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure developed varieties meet consumer and grower requirements.

To excel in this role, you should have exceptional relationship-building skills along with a strong background in agricultural production, variety development and commercialization. If you're ready to be part of a successful and forward-thinking global team driving innovation in new variety development and commercialization, then we want to hear from you. Join us in shaping the future of fruit agriculture and making a lasting impact in the industry!

Responsibilities & Duties: 
Commercial Development:
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships with key stakeholders in the North American tree fruit industry.
  • Formulate a strategic plan to test and commercialize apple and pear varieties from the VentureFruit™ and EPI portfolio while working with the VP of Operations.
  • Understand and execute commercial models for released fruit, supporting the EPI VP of Operations in commercializing the EPI apple variety portfolio.
  • Protect and manage intellectual property rights related to VentureFruit™ and EPI licensed apple varieties.
  • Promote the VentureFruit™ brand and enhance EPI reputation in North America.
  • Identify opportunities to expand the genetic portfolio of VentureFruit™.
  • Collaborate with VentureFruit GM on negotiation of terms  for commercially released varieties in North America.
Technical Management:
  • Design trials for testing varieties in orchard and post-harvest in collaboration with internal and external partners.
  • Plan and manage field trials, considering yield, quality, and disease resistance.
  • Support aggregation, packing, and supply of fruit for consumer evaluation workstreams.
  • Coordinate with Clean Plant Centers and nurseries for import, bulk up, and delivery of genetic material to North America.
  • Oversee logistics of plant material for testing and coordinate budding, varieties, and production volumes with nurseries.
  • Maintain detailed records of trials, varieties, planting locations, and partners involved.
  • Evaluate the performance of new apple varieties, considering yield, quality, and disease resistance.
  • Analyze and interpret data from field trials, making informed decisions on the selection and advancement of VentureFruit™ varieties.
  • Design and negotiate service contracts, overseeing postharvest and storage trials on test varieties.
Relationship Management:
  • Support the development of strong working relationships within the VentureFruit team globally.
  • Foster relationships with other managers in VentureFruit™ and T&G Pipfruit to ensure consistent application of tools and ways of working.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including growers, horticulture experts, production teams, marketing, and sales to ensure developed apple varieties meet consumer and grower requirements.
  • Bachelor's degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, or related field. Master's degree preferred.
  • Extensive experience in the tree fruit industry with a focus on horticulture, nursery propagation, and commercial fruit development.
  • Understanding of North American agricultural practices and regulations.
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.
  • Effective communication and negotiation abilities.
  • Proven ability to collaborate across functional teams.
Confidential Job: 

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